Vodafone Share Account

The Vodafone Share Account (‘VSA’) is Vodafone’s Corporate Sponsored Nominee and is a convenient way to hold your shares electronically through Computershare.

Transferring shares into the VSA is free. Through the VSA, you can:

  • Eliminate the risk of losing your share certificate and having to pay a replacement fee
  • Trade your shares through Computershare, settlement on the sale of shares held electronically is quicker and cheaper than the Computershare certificated share dealing service
  • Receive four statements a year where assets are held on your behalf which will be made available online via investorcentre.co.uk.
  • Receive less unwanted mail. Your individual details will not appear on the Vodafone share register which means other organisations will not be able to send you advertising material

You will still receive dividends and have the same choices available to you and be able to vote and attend shareholder general meetings

How to register for the VSA:

Please see our Shareholder Forms page to access the VSA Application Form and VSA Terms and Conditions

If you would like to open an account by transferring your certificated shares into the VSA, please print, complete and return the application form and your share certificates to Computershare. You will find the address on the form. Once your shares are transferred, you will receive a statement confirming the number of shares held for you in the VSA.

Please note that if you have any specific instructions registered on your shareholding such as bank details for your dividend, election for the DRIP, or having elected to receive hard copy shareholder documentation, these instructions will not transfer over to your Vodafone Share Account. You will therefore need to resubmit new instructions to the Registrar once your shares have been transferred.

If you later decide you want a share certificate again, or wish to transfer your shares to another person, you can request the relevant forms from Computershare.

How to buy and sell your shares through the VSA

Visit Computershare dealing service to view the full details including dealing rates and the Computershare Dealing Service Terms and Conditions.